Rasta Bracelets **NEW**

New rasta bracelets!!

I'v just made some new Rasta bracelets and I really love how they'v turned out , not bad!!

They are up for sale on this blog for anyone that's interested.

Two styles to choose from and some more coming up on the blog very soon.

Rasta Beads

There's also more new bracelets at the single bracelets page at


Unique quality handmade jewellery

I'v got a new range of bracelets and pendant necklaces due to be added to the shop soon! (But there's still lots still to choose from on this blog shop)

As always they are still unique , collectable and handmade. I always keep up the high standards of my work and so these beads, bracelets and necklaces are still high quality , long lasting and durable. (Even shower proof!)

As I make these myself (and no middle man) I'm pleased to say that they are still available at affordable low prices. Online orders are dispatched between 1-2 days and usually arrive at UK address's within 2-5 days which make these bracelets excellent last-minute gifts for birthdays, anniversaries , Christmas and , well,  they just make excellent gifts in general.

For those who wish to order these gifts online but don't have access to a  Paypal account , you can always send an email to laughingbeader@gmail.com and I will happily do a private bank transaction for you.

Lots of people have enjoyed these bracelets and they make great gifts for boys, girls, ladies , men , joe standard and mary misfit.

Stay tuned....more pics of these unique handmade bracelets and pendants coming soon!

We are currently offering a FREE smiley stretchy man (that sticks to walls when thrown) on all orders. This is a limited offer available to the first 25 sales!

Laughing Beader beads in Japan!

It's a great pleasure to see that these beads have now gone international, you can find them now in Japan.
Not only that but the people that run the shop that I'v sent them to are really fab, positive people.

Just after the new year I took a wholesale order from a shop called 'Africa Sunshine' who a great range of African and ethnic jewellery and clothing.

I think their going to turn the beads I've sent over into new and beautiful items to sell in their shop in Sapporo-Shi, Hokkaido in Japan. That's cool with me as I really don't mind sharing the bead love anyway. (And I need to sell them anyway really....I can't eat the beads.)

If your all for 'one love', you dig the positive Bob Marley inspiration and you like to support business's who contribute to spreading a lot of positivity around the world then check out the 'Africa Sunshine' Facebook page by visiting http://www.facebook.com/pages/Africa-Sunshine-Naya-Binghi/221943431159796

Or just click on the picture below. (Opens in new tab)

You can find the 'Africa Sunshine' shop at :

Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan 

You can also visit their website at :

Look out for my beads there coming soon! :)

You can also find my bracelets at....

If your in or around Camden Town, you may still be able to find a few of my handmade bracelets at a shop called Startessa which is located in the Stables market on Chalk farm road just a minute or two's walk over the canal bridge on Camden High street. It is ran by the people that ran the magnificent 'Psychedelic Dream Temple' before the gem of a place unfortunately closed down. (Camden really isn't the same without it)

Startessa is a lovely little shop that often have a really nice selection of Psychedelic Trance music, and they always seem to have the flyers for the best Psychedelic Trance parties and festivals going on in and around London, the rest of the UK, and of course those big international Psychedelic raves such as the Psychedelic Trance mothership portal itself 'Boom festival'.
They also sell a range of alternative clothing with a twist of pixie fairie, tribal, nomadic, and Psychedelia.

They can also be found at music festivals so keep your eyes peeled and you may find some of my Laughing Beader bracelets there.

They are well into the handmade/handcrafted vibe and it's a really nice shop to have a look round in.
 You can check their website out at http://www.startessa.com or click on the picture of their festival stall below. (Opens in new tab)

One of the Startessa festival stalls.
Their shop can be found at :
Unit 522, Stables Market
Chalk Farm Road
Camden Town

Also if your ever passing near the Reigate, Surrey area then you can also find my beads at a really nice shop called 'Headspace' who are located just 10 minutes walk from Reigate town centre in Dovers Green Road. (The other side of the road from the co-op and the bakery).
They are a loveley shop which sells some cool T-shirts and bags aswell as quality DJ headphones and lots of other clubby, ravey gear aswell as some nice music mixes and albums too.
They also do a live mix stream over the internet live from their store! (I digged it when I found that out).

You can check out their shop online at http://www.headspacestores.com or click on the photo below to go to their website. (Opens in new tab)

You can find Headspace at:
20 Dovers Green Road
Woodhatch, Reigate
Surrey, RH2 8BS, UK

No I don't buy the beads!! I make them!!

I still get surprised when people presume that I have buy the beads that I put on this blog for sale.

No..... I make them, they start out as blocks of clay and end up as these beautiful beads!

I start off by softening the clays with my hands by rolling and kneading them before rolling the clays together using various techniques to create a wide range of designs.

They are then cut and shaped into beads and manually one by one 'holed' by hand. They are then fired and left to cool until they completely harden, and then beaded onto elastic string. These bracelets are completely worth their money!

I'v been making them on and off for a couple of years now, and every batch gets better and better! But my friends in Brighton loved them, and it was thanks to their positive feedback that I continued making them.
They were selling them at places like Shambala and other festivals around the UK, it's a lovely feeling to know that some people out there are loving them.

Luckily music helps me get through it a lot! I think I'm going to start posting some of the mixes I'm listening too.

Please check out a friend of mine....his artist name is 'Little Thoughts'... you can check him out at https://soundcloud.com/littlethoughts - you can here it by clicking the picture below.

(Opens in new tab)

He makes really nice chilled out electronic beats and has played sets at festivals around the UK such as Glade festival , 'Deep Snail' parties and 'Happy Daze' who feature a lot of nights in Bristol.

I also have some music on the internet. I'm know in Brighton quite a lot more my busking (acoustic guitar and singing) but I also I have a crack at making psychedelic trance sounding beats as well as other electronic sounds. You can here these at https://soundcloud.com/fractalmoonproductions . Just click the picture below to listen to it.

(Opens in new tab)

I also used to make Youtube videos, it's something I'v left behind now but It's all still there.
You can view them on my 'Fractal Moon' Channel at http://youtube.com/fractalmoon or by clicking the picture below.

(opens in new tab)

And of course please support the Neuroliberation campaign which I started over 6 months ago now because of seeing how MP's in the government and being paid off by the gambling industry to create laws seriously accelerate the rates of problem gambling in Britain. 
A lot of people think that it just affects gambling and say 'well its peoples choice', but the point is , is that I am trying to help point out that they are setting our kids up to fail and creating for crime, social problems and poverty. With betting shops such as Ladbrokes, William Hill and Coral now all over our town centres, online roulette and poker sites being advertised all over the internet and gambling now being promoted all day on television, a lot of people are being affected and it has produced a lot of victims that never chose to have anything to do with gambling in the first place. Its turning our communities into a dark world.

To find out more about the Neuroliberation campaign , please visit http://neuroliberation.blogspot.co.uk or click the picture below. 
By buying a Laughing Beader Bracelet , you are helping keep the campaign moving by supporting my business. (I really haven't had much internet traffic or exposure at all as yet)

Even if you don't want to buy a bracelet , I am asking if you are willing to donate £1 towards the campaign if you support my efforts , by visiting the blog and using the donate button and paying via paypal. 
To date I have received ZERO donations and pretty much all the funds have come out of my own pocket.
So please help keep the campaign going by buying a bracelet or donating straight to the cause. You can even do both if you want to. (I really won't try to stop you.)

Click this picture to visit the campaigns main blog site.

(Opens in new tab)

You can also find the campaign on Facebook at http://facebook.com/neuroliberationcampaign or by clicking the picture below.

(Opens in new tab)

So there it is, a little bit about how the beads are made and a little about the guy making them , Ben Westwood. (That's me)

Thanks for reading and have a great 2013!

Beautiful Tribal themed glow in the dark bracelet

Here's another beauty which contains last of my black and white glow in the dark beads.

It's a really nice bracelet and I'v got just the one of these available to first to buy it gets it :)

Only 5 of these beads don't glow. Can you tell which ones they are?
Click picture to zoom.